Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why You Have More To Offer Than You Think

Why you have more to offer someone in the Online Dating world than you think, Part I. Some people visit online dating websites and see the dizzying array of beautiful people who all say they are athletic, slim, and fit. A person is left to wonder, why do all of these perfect people need the assistance of online dating. You look at yourself, and wonder out loud that if you looked like so and so, you would have no problems finding a date. Or you might wonder if this person looks like that and yet they can’t find a man or woman they must have some serious issues so you pass on them. The real truth of the matter is that most people on online dating websites lie.

Not the overt evil lies, but the innocent lies. In the book Freakonomics, the authors discuss the issue of online dating. For instance, the authors noted that women who online date are most likely to understate their true weight by 20 pounds. This translates on most online dating websites as stating your body type as slim when it should be fit, or fit when it should be average.

The key message is that you have more to offer than you think. Other people are not as perfect as they seem, and you are not as bad as you seem. Just take a step and get into the game.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Online Dating in the Works

Four of the biggest online dating websites are, eHarmony, Yahoo Personals, and PerfectMatch. All of these websites have over one million members, which is to your advantage. More members equal more opportunities. With over a million online daters at each of these sites allows you to pick and choose who you are interested in dating. It also allows you the opportunity to explore your options and narrow down your search to include what you are looking for in a mate. You should be able find a few good dates out of the million online daters that are out there looking for love. Some sites may offer more online daters in your local area than others sites. It is a good idea to review and compare each online dating website to see what features and services they offer before signing up to become a member. You can always join more than one online dating website, it would give you more to choose from. So now is the time to check out some of these online dating websites and find that special someone to enjoy the new year with.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Dating tip one for women

Let me talk to the women for a moment. Are you sick of dating losers? One mistake women make when they decide to date a guy is that they invest too much time, early in the relationship. Everyone loves the feeling of a new relationship. Everyone loves how they feel at the beginning, but you can't effectively weed people out if you are trying to keep the feeling going. When you online date, you need to meet the person right away. Do not spend time IMing the person, instead meet the person out at starbucks or any other comfortbale well lit public place. I would shy away from a bar, but just use your judgment. Spend 30 minutes, and decide if this person is worth seeing again. If you decide yes, don't spend time emailing the person or talking on the phone. All of those things require that you invest additional time into a relationship. Which, is what men want you to do, so that you feel that you have to work hard in order for the relationship to not fall apart.

Do not talk to a man on the phone for more than 20 minutes...PERIOD. Do not text message a man or read his texts. Do not send emails or IM. Do not do any of these things until you have had four dates. You do this and you will have the man for good.

If you need some online dating sites try the google ads above or the sites on the right.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Online Date with the Help of your Friends

Have you ever thought about online dating, but were a little hesitant about doing it because you don’t know anybody that has done it? Why not ask a friend to join you and search for love together? There are many benefits of having someone you know online date and an even bigger benefit by doing it together. There are five ways a friend can help out when it comes to online dating according to Online Dating with Friends: 5 Ways your Friends Can Help you Find Love Online. First, a friend could recommend potential online daters which double your chances of meeting that special someone. Second, two pairs of eyes are better than one so the both of you could spend time searching through potential online daters for each other. Third, you would be able to join a chat room with your friend and chat with other online daters as a group. This way, you would at least know one person in the chat room…your friend. Fourth, once you are ready to meet a potential online dater in person, you could arrange a double date with your friend and his/her potential online dater. Finally, you would be able to get a second opinion on a potential online dater if your friend is a member of the same online dating service. You friend could log on and view the potential online dater’s profile and give you feedback before you decide to chat or meet in person. So why not grab your friend and join an online dating service together and get started on finding that special one? You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by dating online. It’s a great way to start out the New Year.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Successful Tips for Online Dating

A few guidelines to follow to be successful in the online dating world. First, it may be a good idea to invest in a webcam. A webcam allows you to view your potential online dater while communicating. Even though they can post pictures on their profile, a webcam allows you to see who they actually are and they cannot fool you by their looks. It will give you the best image as to what they really look it. Second, view profiles that have pictures. If someone is not willing to post a picture of themself, they may not be serious in online dating and/or they may have something to hide. Third, view profiles that have a lot of detail. The same rules apply to posting pictures, they may not be serious in online dating and/or they may have something to hide. Forth, you may also have better luck with paid sites instead of free sites. If someone is serious about online dating, they will pay an online dating website to find that special someone. Paid sites have a better selection of potential online daters. If someone has to use a free site to try and find that special someone, they are not worth it….they are cheap.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Free Stealth Online Dating

Many people believe they have to join an online dating website to find that special person, but many people are now using sites like, friendster, facebook, and xpeeps (This site is very explicit, use judgment before going there and it is definitely not work friendly). These sites allow you to get a comfort level of having your picture and your information out there on the net without any fear of stigma of being a dater. Many people who are in relationships and even married maintain myspace profiles. This way you can get steeped into the online dating culture and learn to speak the language.

Try giving some of these social network websites a try and for more online dating information visit

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Technology Advancements Enhance Online Dating

Online dating has advanced to the next level. has launched some new technology, Voice Chat, which is free for their basic subscribers. Speaking with a potential mate on the phone makes a big difference in the online dating world. Talking on the phone takes you to the next step when getting to know each other. If you are attracted to each other via chat or email, then it would be a good idea to try the new Voice Chat, known as matchTalk. MatchTalk allows you to go online and signal if you are interested in speaking to each other anonymously over the phone. Voice Chat allows you to talk on the phone to your potential online dater via the phone without actually exchanging phones numbers and personal information. This allows you to keep your privacy until you are ready to reveal who you are. This feature that is available through allows people with caller ID to see the matchTalk number instead of the potential online dater’s actual phone number listing. This is a great way to get to know somebody better and move forward with the online dating. It allows you to step away from the computer and talk to that special someone on the phone. You will have the luxury of hearing their voice and laugh, which is not available via emailing or chatting online. You could have many great conversations with this new Voice Chat technology and it may allow you to meet the man/woman of your dreams. It’s worth a try!

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